Why I Read YA {Discussion and #YAStarterPack Giveaway}

My love of reading goes back to my childhood. I was never without a book in hand for as long as I can remember. And over the years my taste in books has changed several times over. When I was a child I read mostly middle grade and “picture” books. As a teenager I ventured head-long into adult books the likes of Nora Roberts, Christine Feehan, and classic literary novels.

I have now found myself, as an adult, back-tracking in my literary preferences and landing squarely in the young adult category. Although I do occasionally read and enjoy new adult and some adult novels, I will almost always choose a YA book over those.

Surprisingly, throughout all of these preferences, I was never more criticized for my taste in books as I now am as an adult. Whenever I am discussing books with friends, I try my best to avoid telling them which books I read because I am sick of hearing the inevitable question, “Really? Isn’t that book written for kids?”. And then after I admit that Yes, it is a young adult book, the immediate strange looks that I then receive. With the conversation ending shortly thereafter.

But, you know what? I am sick of being ashamed of my reading preferences! And I am going to lay out for you all of the reasons

Why I Read YA


P.S. Let me preface this by saying I do not think these are hard and fast rules of all adult vs. YA books. These are only my opinions from what I have experienced.


Reason #1: I Can Read Them Faster

In my opinion, young adult books just have a better flow to them than some adult books. The writing is easier to digest and understand at a faster pace. The plot twists are plentiful and spaced closer. I assume this change in writing style is a mechanism to capture the attention of the video game generation, but it works on all readers. I am just as busy and distracted as any young person, what with my children demanding attention, my job, my worries, my responsibilities, etc. So I appreciate a book that can capture my attention and take me out of my own head for a little while.

Take this for an example: I recently read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (579 pages) and it took me almost a MONTH to complete it. Was it just a poorly written book? Absolutely not. In fact, I really enjoyed the book. I just really struggled to get through all of the detail with very little action to keep the flow up.

Let’s liken that to a similar sized YA book: I read Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (513 pages) this summer in only SIX DAYS. Why the difference? I was completely sucked into this story and it never let up. Every time I would think it was going to have a lull in the story, another dilemma would enter the scene and draw me back in for the next few chapters.


Reason #2: They Are Typically Lighter Reads

Now wait. I am not saying that YA books do not tackle some very prominent and difficult topics, because they do. A lot of them actually. You can find social and behavioral issues buried within most young adult books. But that’s the point, they are buried. While the issues and lessons are there, they are not overwhelming or in your face.


Reason #3: The Romances Are Sweeter

Even this is number three on my list, it is probably the biggest reason that I read YA. Call me a prude, call me a romantic, call me Shirley…but I like to read about the relationship between two characters, not just the relations they have. Let me be really clear on this subject: Adult books have TOO MUCH SEX and not enough FOREPLAY.

I like the butterflies in the stomach, that rush when you hold hands for the first time, the sweet warmth of a first kiss, and the agonizing frustration of unfulfilled anticipation. I love when an author takes a relationship all the way to the brink, only to be interrupted. A perfect example of this type of writing can be found in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Covenant Series. Alex and Aiden have the sweetest, most addicting relationship I have ever witnessed. I am completely convinced of their love for each other, even though they have never done more than kissing through the first three (I think) books in the series.


So the next time I am discussing books with someone, I am going to proudly state that I prefer YA. And when I get the inevitable look of confusion, I will share with them all the reasons stated above. I may even attempt to convert them into trying out YA for themselves, because I believe everyone should read YA.

In fact, I am going to try to convert some of you too. The lovely ladies of Epic Reads (Harper Teen) had a discussion recently relating to converting non-YA readers and they came up with a YA Starter Pack to give out. You can see what they chose to include in theirs HERE.

So I am going to give away my own YA Starter Pack. You do not have to be new to YA to enter or win, but I would suggest that if you are as in love with the category as I am, maybe you can use the starter pack to give to someone you would like to convert.


The Following Items Will Be Included:

Coffee/Tea Mug
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Paperback Copy of any  Jennifer L. Armentrout YA book (your choice)



This giveaway is open to US/CAN only (international friends, see below).
It will run until the end of September. 
Cheaters never prosper on my site. I verify every winning entry and your entry will be forfeit if I find you cheating.


For my International Friends

I did not want to leave you out of the YA starter pack fun, unfortunately I just cannot afford the shipping to send these items to you. I know, it’s not fair and I am sorry for that. So in stead. I am offering you your own YA starter pack giveaway!


Winners will receive:
Paperback copy of any Jennifer L. Armentrout YA book (your choice)
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Meagan is a Reviewing Wonderland founder and featured reviewer. Because reading books does not go far in paying the bills, Meagan is also an established certified public accountant (I know, right) and spends most of her time working or spending time with her family.
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22 Responses to Why I Read YA {Discussion and #YAStarterPack Giveaway}

  1. Ariel says:

    I absolutely adore YA. I mean, it’s just an awesome genre! I completely agree with your reasons. I love the adorable relationships found in YA books. I occasionally like to read NA books like Hopeless or The Sea of Tranquility which can also be categorized as young adult. But I usually stay away from reading just Adult books. It’s not that I don’t like them, they just simply aren’t for me. And I LOVE the Covenant series so much! Alex is so swoon worthy. I need Sentinel!<3

  2. I love your blog, the design is great!
    I don’t usually read YA but have got into it a lot recently – it is a lot easier to read than other books I usually go for, which is why I’m so drawn to them I think. It’s nice to pick up a book and not have to think too much about what you’re reading…if that makes sense!

    Great giveaway :)
    Charl xx
    Check out Charlotte Harrison’s most recent post! – Banned Books Week – My Favourite BookmarkMy Profile

    • Meagan says:

      Thank you Charl! My blog was designed by the very talented Nancy @ Nancy’s Designs. (Www.tumblingbooks.com)

      Welcome to the wide world of YA!! There is so much to do and see here. You will find adventure, romance, stuff to give you nightmares and some paranormal stuff to either swoon at or slay, depending on your preference. I hope you enjoy all that YA has to offer.

      I would love if you came back and let me know what your reading from time to time.

  3. Meg says:

    I absolutely love YA novels.

  4. Daisy says:

    I love YA, I think most of them are constructed really well but have a real imagination element to them. They’re always an easy and chill read :-)

  5. Shannon M. says:

    I DO read YA books :) Most of the time they’re great if you’re in the mood for a light, easy-going read.

  6. AshleeWL says:

    I read YA for some of the same reasons you do, it seems! One of my favorite reasons for reading (and writing!) YA is that the themes that are tackled can be just as “big” as adult themes, but the stories are so fun and magical that the theme (or lesson, I guess you could call it) flies under the radar many times. It’s kinda like the yummy juice I give my 6-year-old … he doesn’t know he’s getting a helping of veggies in there – he just thinks it’s great! ;)
    Check out AshleeWL’s most recent post! – What 10 Books Mean to Me in 10 Words or LessMy Profile

  7. savanna says:

    I read ya books because I think the wtiting is much more out there and more descriptive.

  8. Krutula says:

    I read YA because I connect with the characters better – I somehow can’t do that in other genres of fiction.
    Check out Krutula’s most recent post! – Awesome Anime #4My Profile

  9. Victoria says:

    I read YA books because they allow my imagination to run wild! It has become an addiction to me. YA books has introduced me to reading when I was only 10, 6 years ago! Been in love with them ever since!

  10. Ashley says:

    I don’t know what it is about YA that I love so much, but I can’t stop reading it. Sure I’m in my late twenties, but I don’t think that means I should give it up just because I’m an “adult.”
    Check out Ashley’s most recent post! – Review: Inhale, Exhale by Sarah RossMy Profile

  11. Heather King says:

    I love YA for the same reasons, plus I think because of the genre restriction, the stories tend to be more creative, and the romances have more intense buildup since you can’t just fill the book up with smexy scenes. Lol The first love storylines are also nice. Thanks for the great post and giveaway!:)

  12. Fatma Shahin says:

    I do read YA because it’s a fantastic genre with endless possibilities! People think YA is dim and vapid but it really never ceases to amaze me! I’ve learned so much from it and have vastly enjoyed it. :)

  13. Michelle says:

    It’s like you went into my head and took my reasons! I’m with you all the way. I’ve even converted a few work friends. We’re anxiously awaiting Allegiant’s arrival together!

  14. I read YA Fiction primarily because it is so much more interesting! I will delve into some Adult Contemporary or Mystery fiction if it is written by certain authors, but I won’t just browse the Adult Fiction shelves for something new. I will always find something I want to read over in YA fiction – be it fantasy (which I hate from Adult Fiction), contemporary, historical, or anything else!
    Check out Miss Inga Page’s most recent post! – Dark Spell – Gill ArbuthnottMy Profile

  15. Heidi Hudson says:

    Sounds like why I read ya

  16. Sarah E says:

    I like YA because it’s easier to read than most adult books and more interesting. I feel like a lot of adult books are either cheesy romances or crime/thrillers…and neither of those are really my cup of tea.
    Check out Sarah E’s most recent post! – Stop! Pinning Time: {Popular Pins} EditionMy Profile

  17. Brittany says:

    I read YA because the stories are usually sweeter and much faster to read. So basically everything you said. :)
    Check out Brittany’s most recent post! – Claire de Lune by Christine JohnsonMy Profile

  18. Jillyn says:

    I like YA books because I feel like they’re more varied. I’ve read a lot of adult books that I’ve just found boring, none really stand out. I don’t feel that way as often when it comes to YA.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    Check out Jillyn’s most recent post! – Review: Call of the Jersey DevilMy Profile

  19. Lisa says:

    YA is actually the bulk of what I read. I just find them more interesting. I’m not saying I don’t read adult books at all… but I feel like YA captures my attention more. I don’t really care about the marriage problems and yadda yadda of adult books. *shrugs* I just really love YA.
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  20. I love YA books, they are my favourite genre because they are so easy to read and pick up. They explore so many exciting things like paranormal species. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. Angie says:

    I love YA for all these same reasons. I was kind of the same way. I was super into adult romances, especially Nora Roberts, while I was in high school and didn’t start really getting into YA until college and now it’s primarily what I read. I got so irritated when I was at the bookstore yesterday because this group of girls came into the YA isle and one started talking about how she was looking for a “stupid kid book” she was surprised she had liked. YA is awesome.
    Check out Angie’s most recent post! – Review: This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila SalesMy Profile

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