Stop & Chat Saturday ~ 04/20/13

So my best blogging buddy, Octavia, over at Read. Sleep. Repeat started a new weekly feature called Stop & Chat Saturday. She began the feature as a way to rant about bookish things and after reading her post this week, I just had to join in! This week the discussion up for grabs was…

Why Do You Blog?


Why Octavia, thank you for asking! ;) I will admit it…..I started blogging for……the free books.

*runs and hides behind the couch, hanging head in shame*

I know, I know. What a self-centered terrible reason to start blogging! But wait, let me defend myself a little….ok, there is no defense. I started blogging for access to books. Wonderful, amazing, make me spend my entire paycheck BOOKS! So I have a serious book problem. I have tried giving myself a budget, I’ve tried limiting the individual price per books (FYI – this usually just leads to buying more books), and I have tried going cold turkey (it was a long cold winter). None of these tactics worked. My book collection continues to grow and my wallet continues to shrink. So, yes, I started blogging to get free books, but you know what? I end up buying more books now than ever before! I will receive a book for review from an author I’ve never heard of before and BAM – I’m hooked and just HAVE. TO. HAVE every book they’ve ever written, or at the very least the rest of the books in that given series.

But what got my started into book blogging is not what has kept me going at it. (See above for failed attempt at reducing book buying budget) No, I have found that the world of book blogging is much more rewarding than receiving some free books. So I decided to give you my top three reasons that I blog.

The Community

I am new to the book blogging community. But even so, I have been so excited to have other bloggers embrace me into the community without question. They are ready to offer help, give advice, and support each other at all costs. It is Amazing! Not to mention having access to thousands of other bookheads (aka “nerds”) to fangirl all over the new releases and discuss a new cover or a book boyfriend with. I do not have many people in my life that obsess over books the way I do, so it is so great to have all of you!

Access to Authors

Ok, I know some of you live in states where there are author signings every other weekend (I’m looking at you NY and SoCal) or bookish events going on all of the time. But here in Michigan, the snowfall is plentiful and the authors are scarce. I’m not sure if the weather scares the authors away or if they think there are not as many readers here in the upper mid-west. But let me remind you – We Have Nothing Else to Do Here! :) LOL – ok maybe that’s an exaggeration. But as a blogger, suddenly I found myself with access to authors like never before. Setup a Twitter account and there they are, ready to talk and connect. The first time I posted a review and the author replied to my tweet I was soooo excited. It was like I had found the link to royalty, ones that would talk to you. Since then I have been able to develop relationships with various authors, some I knew of before and others that I am just now meeting. But being able to see their creative process tweeted out to the world and being able to become a part of that on any level is a reason I Love Blogging!

Chronicles of My Books

One of the unexpected benefits of my blog is having a chronicle of the books I’ve read. Now granted, I only recently started blogging, so this is in its infancy stage. but I plan to add reviews of books I have read in the past to fill out my blog. Of course, this is only if I ever get caught up on my growing TBR list. I also found that my face-to-face bookish friends have started coming to me for book recommendations. It is so nice to be able to point them to my reviews of a certain book to back up why I am recommending it to them.


Ok – enough about me. Why not join in on Octavia’s feature? Just write your own post and answer the question – Why Do You Blog? (don’t forget to link your post back to hers at Read.Sleep.Repeat)

About Meagan

Meagan is a Reviewing Wonderland founder and featured reviewer. Because reading books does not go far in paying the bills, Meagan is also an established certified public accountant (I know, right) and spends most of her time working or spending time with her family.
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7 Responses to Stop & Chat Saturday ~ 04/20/13

  1. Octavia says:

    I’m here! I *gasp for breath* I made it!

    I know I’m a few days short but I just want to let you know:
    1. EVERYONE LOVES FREE BOOKS so no shame for you missy!
    2. Don’t forget that you help make up this awesome community ;)
    3. Author tweets always make me jump up and down and squeal like a little girl….literally…I should be ashamed by SARAH J. MAAS retweeted me today!! how awesome??

    But seriously you are the main reason why Stop & Chat is becoming a regular weekly meme that other blogs will be able to link up to. I’ve made some amazing friends in the blogging community, and I can’t imagine you not being part of that circle. Thank you so much! <3

  2. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing. I can relate on several of your points! :-)
    Check out Tamara @ Shelf Addiction’s most recent post! – Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon Reading ListMy Profile

  3. By the way, how long are you blogging? I always thought you were well established, it feels like a blog that has been around for a while, in a good way.
    Check out Bookish Trish’s most recent post! – The Sunday Post – Issue 3My Profile

  4. Great post Meagan, you know I like bookish chat! Love your honesty, of course we all started for the free books! Didn’t work so well for me either :) No matter how many we get, there are so many other ones we spot on other blogs or we get a great free one and then buy the authors entire back catalogue. Ummhhh, yes I’ve done that *blushes* and *hides credit card bill from myself*!
    The best thing about blogging down, hands down is the community. It’s great and I never expected to be so embraced. I thought it would be like starting a new school where you stay the outsider for a long, long time (been there, done that, not fun). It’s not, you are made to feel part of it. Love that :)
    Check out Bookish Trish’s most recent post! – The Sunday Post – Issue 3My Profile

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