The Hero RoundTable: A Michigan Event {Discussion & Giveaway}


“To be in good moral condition requires at least as much training as to be in good physical condition” – Jawaharlal Nehru


Bullying seems to be the hot button topic of the world lately, and for good reason. For far too long we as a society have put all of our efforts into counseling the bullied. Helping to build them back up after they are torn down.

But what if we could stop the bullying from ever happening? Or, at least, stop the child from being torn down by it? One company is doing just that. The Hero Construction Company of Michigan is taking an uncommon approach to the anti-bullying campaign.

Teach kids to be the heroes.

They go into schools, have trainings sessions and seminars to teach kids how to be a hero in their everyday lives. To stand up for other kids who are being bullied. Because lets face it, it is a lot harder to stand up to a bully when you are the one being bullied, but much more satisfying to be a hero to someone else.

Heroism is a choice. It can be trained.

The Hero Construction Company is led by Matt Langdon, a down-to-earth Australian living in Michigan who was the victim of bullying. He saw the patterns and the real reasons that bullying is so effective – mainly because it works. Bullying makes a person popular: the dream of every grade school kids life. But bullying doesn’t happen just by the bully. It takes a wide variety of people involved that all leads to a person feeling completely alone.

    • The Assistants help with the bullying.
    • The Reinforcers laugh and point.
    • The Bystanders just watch or walk away.

But it doesn’t need to end here. All it takes is one person, one hero, to break the cycle of bullying and reach out a hand to the victim.

The Heroes. Heroes do something to stop what’s going on.

Up until now we have been discussing heroism among kids, in the schoolyard or at play. But bullying doesn’t magically stop when we become adults. Colleges are among the worst schools for bullying with what they coin “rituals”. Things like hazing and initiations. Or the sickness of beating up another person for something they cannot change about themselves.

Bullying is the Action of Discrimination

Even as adults in the workplace or on the streets, we are programmed to reject that which is not like us, people who are different. You may not be as open about it (or maybe you are) but the rejection is still there. Requesting a different table at a restaurant because the one you were given was being served by a black person. Willfully not inviting someone to join you in a group outing because you don’t like the way they look/act/talk. Starting or cultivating rumors about a person because they don’t fit into the mold of your society. Hunting down a teenager walking at night because of the color of their skin.

The Hero Round Table Conference

The Hero Round Table is the first cross-disciplinary conference on heroism. An extraordinary group of experts from the fields of psychology, education, business, sports, philosophy, and entertainment will be presenting their work and thoughts on heroism to a diverse audience from around the world.

The event will be held in Mid Michigan over the weekend of November 9th and 10 in 2013. For more information and registration, visit

Speakers from the psychology world will be presenting the latest research on heroism as well as the prevailing theories on how heroism works.

    • Heading the conference is Dr Philip Zimbardo┬áthe world-famous social psychologist who currently heads up the Heroic Imagination Project.
    • Also presenting work is Dr Scott Allison of the University of Richmond. He has published two books on the subject and runs two blogs on our relationship to heroes.

There will also be speakers from the educational and business worlds to talk about the importance of improving the overall school environment and how to fight workplace bullying.

This event is taking place Saturday & Sunday, November 9th & 10th, 2013 at the Swartz Creek High School in Michigan, USA.

Registration is open now at $325 per person and includes dinner, 2 lunches, and 2 continental breakfasts. There are additional business and school packages for multiple attendants.


Win It Before You Buy It

The Hero Construction Company is sponsoring a giveaway for one lucky person which includes:

(1) Full Conference Ticket (a $325 value)
*Travel and accommodations are the responsibility of the winner*


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