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Ms. Iyana Jenna

We have a lot in store to help Iyana feel at home here at Reviewing Wonderland, including an introduction of Iyana to the group and a review of one of her young adult short stories. And as a gift to you , Iyana has offered to give away a copy of her short story, Dreamcatchers, along with an author extra for the story! Wow, that is so nice!

Iyana Will Set You Free

Along with writing young adult short stories, Iyana enjoys reading and watching movies. Being unable to find exactly what she wanted to read led her to write her own stories, mostly about man-on-man romance which has fascinated her since as early as the Starsky and Hutch era. Teaching and writing an English course books in Indonesia during the day, Iyana spends her nights mostly dreaming about love stories between two men who are protective toward each other.

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Check out some of Iyana’s books -

Just a Little Unwell

Release Date: March 23, 2013

Patrick Trafford is pleased with the simple life he has, spending his time tending a tiny garden accompanied by his best friend, Chad, a cockroach. Nevertheless, he can’t hide the excitement bubbling in him as a man suddenly appears in the garden.

Damien Abner politely welcomes, albeit somewhat at a loss, Patrick’s warm offer to spend time with him. To have a coffee, watch some movie, and dance along with the characters in it.

They begin to date and Patrick has never been happier, though he barely knows who Damien is–not that it matters to him. For him, being clueless does mean bliss.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title has a HFN ending.


Release Date: April 2, 2013

When kids at his school begin to fall asleep and never wake up, Jordan Sullivan remembers the story his parents told him when he was a kid, a story involving his great-great-grandfather, a certain warlock, and a dreamcatcher.

When his best friend Jamie falls victim to the nightmare, Jordan’s only hope is to use his dreamcatcher– and prepare to face the consequences.

Iyana has a few more short stories coming soon from Alfie Dog Fiction

Coming on April 28, 2013

Title: A Granted Wish
Genre: M/M Young Adult
Word Count: 1,600
Being told over and over that he is too young to have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend as the case may be, 15-year-old Cody sends a wish to whoever up there is willing to grant it.

Coming May 5, 2013

Title: Glowing Dim as an Ember
Genre: Young Adult
Word Count: 2,700
14-year-old Etienne keeps getting flashes of someone else’s memories. Dancing bears and painted wings are not exactly the things he meets every day, especially since he is just a homeless boy living on the cold streets of Paris.


Chat With Iyana

We have the honor of having Iyana here today to answer a few of your questions. First off – Thank you so much for being here Iyana!

My pleasure, thank you for having me.

Q1: What were some of your favorite books as a child?

I’d say anything by Enyd Blyton. I grew up with her books and I had a lot of her series. But I have to say Famous Five and the Naughty Girl series were my favorites.

Q2: Who is your favorite fictional heroine?

I…have to say that I don’t really have a favorite fictional heroine. Maybe Elizabeth Allen from the Naughty Girl series. But my ultimate favorite hero is Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. :) - Nice. We are big LotR fans too!!

Q3: Where do you get most of your writing done at? Where is your favorite place to write?

I’m a rather strange person. My ways of writing change all the time. Sometimes I like typing stories directly on my laptop, sometimes I prefer to write them down in notebooks first. But right now I mostly write on my cell phone on my way to the office or back home. (Really?! It must be hard to write on your phone!) Since that’s my preference right now, I find it rather difficult to write on my laptop.

Q4: When you’re not writing, what are you doing?

I’m a teacher of English and a coursebook writer. So when I’m not writing, I’m mostly in my class or at my desk writing lessons. Hmm, that’s also writing. :)

Q5: What is the most important item that you carry with you everywhere?

That must be my cell phone! When my old one died, I had to find a new one right on the same day. (Um yeah! Not sure what I would do if I lost my cell phone. It is my lifeline anymore.)

Rapid Fire Favorites (which of the following do you prefer?)

  • Tag-a-Longs or Thin Mints: To write – Thin Mints (our favorite too!)
  • Coffee or Tea: Coffee, definitely coffee
  • E-book or Paperback: E-Book
  • Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Eeep! Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today, Iyana! That was really fun!

Time for a Give-Away!

Iyana was nice enough to bring gifts! Follow along a little way to the Rafflecopter to enter to win. Iyana brought a pdf copy of her young adult short story, Dreamcatchers, along with an author extra (a ficlet). Want to learn more about Dreamcatchers? Well, ask and ye shall receive….

Excerpt from the Book:

“You refused it the first time we gave it to you, Jordan.” His father looks slightly amused as Jordan turns red. “But I can see why you’re suddenly interested in it.”“You think it won’t work?”

His father sighs. “It’s just an old wives’ tale, Jordan. You really believe you can help your friends with that?”Jordan remembers clearly the story that his grandpa told him when he was little, about his great-great-grandfather, Zachary Sullivan. He remembers how thrilled Jordan had been to hear how young Zach had managed to banish a strong, wicked warlock who had been terrorizing their village by killing the children. Jordan loves that story. Even though his father says it’s just a myth, Jordan kind of thinks of Zachary as his hero. The only problem is — he doesn’t know how the dreamcatcher works.

“Where do dreamcatchers originate from, dad?”

“It’s from the Native American culture. They say it catches negative dreams while letting through positive ones. That’s all I know about it.”

Jordan sighs disappointedly. “Where is it? Can I see it, Dad?”

His father looks at Jordan for a long moment. “Sure. It’s in the attic.”


The author supplied a copy of this short story for us to read as well. While I do not typically read short stories, this one was delightful! I was curious how a whole story could be written in the amount of pages a full novel takes to introduce a character (this story is just 17 pages). But I was drawn into this story from the first page. This is the story of Jordan, a young boy who has a hidden secret – passed down through generations of his family – which just may be able to save his friends from falling asleep and never waking up.

Iyana’s ability to weave a tale of adventure is evident in spades. And I can picture this short story being told around campfires or in story times at schools with kids being enraptured by the tale. When I reached the end of the story, I just kept trying to find another page, wishing the story would continue.

We give it…

5 Stars
a Rafflecopter giveaway




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