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Meagan is a Reviewing Wonderland founder and featured reviewer. A lifetime love of books began early on when her exasberated mother turned to books to temper the over-active imagination of a high-spirited young girl. Instead of fabricating wild senarios in real life, she settled for being transported into each fantasy world created by authors and living vicariously through the adventures of her beloved characters. This innocent beginning led to a lifetime of using books to escape the mundain areas of life, including sleep. Not all areas of life are mundain for Meagan though. She is married to a wonderful stay-at-home husband who is charged with nurturing and raising their two children and does so fluently. Because reading books does not go far in paying the bills, Meagan is also an established certified public accountant (I know, right) and spends most of her time working or spending time with her family. Every spare moment is spent reading, whether during a lunch break, waiting for a karate class to end, or after the kids go to bed.


Sarah is co-founder of Reviewing Wonderland and a featured reviewer. Her love of reading for pleasure is new. After many high school essays, undergraduate comprehensive accounting problems, passing the CPA exam and writing tax research memos in graduate school she took a couple years off from reading altogether (except for reading at work, which is unavoidable). Joining the book club at her new firm re-sparked her love for reading books. When not working, reading (or reading for work) Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. Whether the time is spent together playing board games (Catan!), Just Dance on the Wii or taking nature walks in the woods, Sarah enjoys “FFF” (Forced Family Fellowship).


20130127-171944.jpg Kaylee is a Reviewing Wonderland guest reviewer.
My name is Kaylee. I am 13 years old and I love reading books! My favorites are ones with fiction or fantasy and I love magic and adventure! I read books with plenty of action in them too. People say I am very smart and I love technology as much as I love books. I enjoy video games, doing crafts and writing. I’ve been working on my first novel. I play basketball, I’ve done dance for many years, and I am part of my school choir. I am also a music FANATIC. I listen to music when I am doing everything. I also enjoy movies and I still watch cartoons. So, that’s me and my 13 – year – old self!